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Welcome to “Machupicchu Orellana”
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Machupicchu Orellana is a Travel Agent dedicated to elaborate tours in Peru. Completely oriented to satisfy its clients necessities of traveling and maintaining always the quality in the service delivered.

We offer you the possibility of traveling to all the most important touristic destinies in Peru and also some parts of Bolivia. We have separated the tours in seven types of experiences like: cultural tours in Peru, ecological tours in Peru,expeditions in Peru, adventure tours in Peru, special interests tours in Peru and a combination of tours in South America including Peru and Bolivia and others tours.

Most of our clients also like to Taylor their tours according to its possibilities of time, places they want to visit, personal interests and activities.

We recommend you to look our Travelers Tips in which you will find important information of your interest about things you should not forget before departing.

Take a look of some people that came to Peru with us and see what they think about us.

We always try to help with the conservation of nature and the environment, see our social work and sustainability projects.

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E-Mail: reservas@machupicchuorellana.com

Web Site: www.machupicchuorellana.com


We are a company dedicated completely to satisfy the necessities of travel planning for clients who want to know Latin America.


To be the Latin-American leader providing high quality tourist packages for the year 2018, we will deliver and maintain a superior service and provide our clients with a lifetime experience.